Prof. Roza Leikin

Dean, Faculty of Education

Department of Mathematics Education

University of Haifa

Prof. Roza Leikin
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My research, design, and implementation activities are aimed at reaching a better understanding of learning and teaching processes that enable students to realize their mathematical potential. All these activities embrace three interrelated areas:

  • Mathematical ability and development

  • Mathematical creativity and giftedness

  • Mathematics teacher knowledge and professional development

  • Mathematical challenges in education

Multiple Solution Tasks in mathematics are the main research and didactical tool in my studies and instructional design.

I consider Brain Research as a challenge for Mathematics Education Research and am interested in advancing contribution of neuro-cognitive research methodologies to the field of mathematics education.

In the University of Haifa

  • The Establisher and the Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Research and Advancement of Giftedness and Excellence. (RANGE) (Starting October 208)

  • Member of the steering committee - Research Authority

  • The Head of the M.A. Program in Gifted and Talented Education, Faculty of Education (Starting 2009)

  • Head PhD Committee, Department of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Education (Starting 2010)

  • Head of MALAM (Center for Science and Mathematics Education)– University of Haifa (Starting 2011)

Out of the University

President of MCG – The International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness (affiliated with ICMI (Starting July 2012)

Head of the National Advisory Mathematics Education Council of the Israel Ministry of Education (Starting January 2013).